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Ein Hashofet - A Home and a Way of life
Kibbutz Ein Hashofet was settled by two groups of pioneers from Poland and North America on the fifth of July, 1937. The kibbutz was named in honor of United States Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis, a notable leader of American Jewry. Situated in the picturesque hills of Menashe, the rural community is approximately 30 kms. From the port city of Haifa, and 100 kms. North of Israel's largest city, Tel Aviv
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Four generations live together on the kibbutz, where they maintain a dynamic self-contained economic infrastructure, and an active social and cultural life. The kibbutz population includes approximately 800 adults and children, each generation enjoying special benefits provided by the community. The first generations of children are now the leaders of die community, in both economic and social positions, continuing the tradition which was begun by their parents, the founding settlers. Their grandchildren today fill the childrens' houses, and will enjoy a full education, from pre-school through university, along with music, art and athletic enrichment classes. The founding members, who are today over 80 years of age, can choose from a number of suitable work places, activities and health care, all in our quiet and supportive environment

Culture & society
Most kibbutz members work in both agriculture and industry, while others provide income by working outside of die community. Many are musicians, artists and authors, living in a unique creative atmosphere, which also offers free time for hobbies and study for personal advancement. Our agricultural branches include poultry, dairy and beef cattle, field crops and avocado orchards.